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Behind the Scenes - Starting a Small Food Company

Starting a food company from scratch is super tough!  We started our adventure at the end of October of 2019 and dove in headfirst. Yes, it's a lot of work but totally worth it. We have a saying in our company...start with ugly. We have not been perfect in our execution by any means. However, we are alive and well and excited to offer more variations and flavors of our low carb and gluten-free products. 

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5 Reasons to Buy Gluten Free Bread From Us

Reason #1 - Simply The Best - Let’s jump straight into the list and discover why Oliver Friendly Foods should be on your grocery list. Obviously, the term “best” is totally subjective to each consumer but we’d like to see another commercially available bread in its category try to compete. 

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Meet Our Keto Baker!

You need to know my mom. Not only is she adorable and lovely, but she can bake up a storm. When she gets in her groove, there is no stopping her from conquering a recipe or creating something totally new from scratch. However, the story behind her new keto and gluten-free food company has a bit of a rough start.

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