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5 Reasons to Buy Gluten Free Bread From Us

gluten-free sandwich

Reason #1 - Simply The Best

Let’s jump straight into the list (I find it annoying when I see a list and I have to read a ton of boring content when all I want are the points) and discover why Oliver Friendly Foods should be on your grocery list.  The only reason we are in business is that our gluten-free and keto bread products are the best you can buy. Obviously, the term “best” is totally subjective to each consumer but we’d like to see another commercially available bread in its category try to compete.  We have exhausted the research & development team by forcing them to fine-tune each recipe to comply with our standards. It’s not always easy on them but our customers sure do appreciate the hard work.

Reason #2 - No Refrigeration Required (for the most part)

artisan gluten-free sandwich bread That’s right folks.  Our bread products do not require constant refrigeration like other keto and gluten-free products.  This happens to be a major breakthrough for our customers as we are able to be in the bread aisle instead of the cooler section.  Our products tend to stay fresh for a few weeks on the kitchen counter...if you don’t gobble it up much sooner than that. But does this mean there are all sorts of preservatives and additives in our products?  Nope! We have a clean label and are very excited to be able to say this. Keto and gluten-free is great and all but not at the expense of needing other harmful chemicals just to make it accessible to consumers.


Reason #3 - Affordable

This hits home for many of our consumers.  When we set out to develop our first products one of the criteria in doing so was to be able to offer it at a lower cost than most competitors.  Just because it’s a specialty item doesn’t make it right to jack up the prices on people. Our own family members need to purchase our product because of their dietary restrictions and allergies and we understand they need it week in and week out, 52 times a year!  If we can make cuts on our bottom line to allow more affordability to our consumers then we will. Yes, we need to make a profit...make no mistake about that. We just know there’s a middle ground somewhere between what we need and what our customers need. Our goal is to make a win-win situation.

Reason #4 - Dietary & Allergy Restrictions

GF bread, butter and coffeeOur company is built on the idea of providing foods to those who have dietary and allergy restrictions.  My nephew, Oliver, is a celiac which means he cannot under any circumstance eat gluten. If he does then his next few days are pretty awful and very uncomfortable.  He is not the only one who experiences this situation. Also, those seeking a new diet in the keto and low carb arenas are able to enjoy our products. These diets do work and one of our family members lost over 50lbs in 6 months by restricting sugar and carbohydrates.  Think of all the diabetics and pre-diabetics out there! We aren’t doctors or even close to having the necessary credentials to give medical or dietary advice but we know some basic information about these diets and how they help improve health. Our products are designed to be the help that’s needed.


Reason #5 - Accessible

Granted, we are not in every grocery store across the nation.  Actually, we are only in local Idaho stores. However, we are very accessible to the nation via shipping and online sales.  The internet makes businesses like our a piece of cake. When someone visits our website, let’s say from New York, and wants to have it shipped from Idaho to their residence they can expect it to be there in less than 5 days (more like 3 days).  We ship out packages to our customers the same day and guarantee it as fresh as possible. We want everyone to have access to our products no matter what. We are currently finding new ways to get our products into more stores and hopefully to a town near you. It just takes a little bit of time and hard work on our part to make this happen.


slicing gf bread loafIf you are a person with dietary restrictions, living on a budget, and want the best keto & gluten-free bread on the market all you have to do is click on our website and order!  We take our customer’s needs very seriously and want the best experience for them. We are still a family-owned company working towards big goals with you in mind. Send us a message or give us a call to find out more about our products and who we are.  We are not shy by any means.


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