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Meet Our Keto Baker!

keto and gluten free baker

You need to know my mom.  Not only is she adorable and lovely, but she can bake up a storm.  When she gets in her groove, there is no stopping her from conquering a recipe or creating something totally new from scratch.  However, the story behind her new food company has a bit of a rough start. But don’t worry...the rough patches were totally worth it. 

Before her keto journey, Sharon Amandus relied on recipes that had been passed down to her from her mom and grandmother. Some recipes had been in her family for over 100 years!  Back then there wasn’t much information about diets or allergies to watch out for. Recipes calling for lots of wheat flour and sugar was the name of the game. Gooey cinnamon rolls, cookies, and all sorts of baked goods filled Sharon’s memories as a young girl.  Fast forward to mid-2010’s Sharon’s adult children were exploring alternative diets that minimized sugars and starches; diets she knew nothing about.

keto bakerSharon’s children were not only eliminating certain food groups, but also her family’s traditional recipes!  As Sharon’s children started to eliminate these food groups, Sharon was afraid they would also be eliminating her family’s traditional recipes!  This was a tough pill to swallow for her and it caused many family quarrels. Who knew emotions and food were so tightly knit together? Come to find out Sharon’s family isn’t the only one who has experienced heartache over food.

So who is Oliver?  He is Sharon’s grandson and the reason he is so significant to her story is because of his autoimmune disease...Celiac.  He cannot eat the foods his grammy was used to baking for 50+ years. This changed everything! Watching a young child being forced to stay away from one of life’s enjoyments, food, was too much to bear.  The only solution to this problem was for Sharon to get creative on how she could bring the enjoyment she had with food as a child to her little grandson, Oliver. She dove into researching book after book with the plan to create the best “Oliver Friendly” loaf of bread.  Seventy attempts later, and Sharon has done it! Oliver can now eat bread again! With this enormous feat being conquered Sharon dedicated her labor of love to the woman who taught her everything she knows about baking, her mom, Dorothy. Mom (and grandma Dorothy in Heaven), we love you!!!