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About Us

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Oliver Friendly Foods is a sixth-generation Idaho family owned and operated business.  We specialize in gluten-free and low-carb foods. Oliver is a member of our family who knows what it feels like to leave a doctor’s appointment with little hope and a lot of frustration.  As a little guy, he was met with a small list of foods he was allowed to eat. This became his “new normal” until his young body could handle a larger list of food choices. His family was determined to help his little gut gain strength and heal, but this was no small task for those preparing his meals and snacks.  Food was suddenly a heavy burden that haunted us each time he wanted to eat. At age 8, he was finally diagnosed with Celiac Disease. The foods that helped him heal and tasted good became known in our kitchen as “Oliver friendly.” He is now much stronger and thriving while enjoying a larger list of foods!

Oliver’s grandfather, a retired firefighter and fire marshall, was also met with a tough health diagnosis.  Up until his near fatal heart attack, he was never on a special diet. After discovering one of his arteries was 99% blocked, he knew something had to change and quick!  His wife and family supported him while he followed a low-carb, keto friendly diet to help lose some weight and improve his blood markers. He also applied intermittent fasting to help with his progress.  In just 6 months he lost over 50 pounds and to-date is able to live medication-free. Today, he enjoys a new list of “friendly foods” that help him thrive and feel better.

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We created this brand of food to be “friendly” to those with similar experiences.  Whether you are faced with a health difficulty or just want to feel better, we want our products to deliver hope and health back into your household as you enjoy food again!