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Our Commitment

gluten free bread
gluten free bread and butter
What We Sell

For starters, we offer delicious baked goods...bread mostly.  Our portfolio will increase as our company grows and as Grammy creates additional recipes.  Our philosophy is quality over quantity. We will not offer anything to our customers we will not eat ourselves.  Grammy’s dream is to offer a product that actually tastes good and is “friendly” to your health!


“Friendly” became one of the most used adjectives we used to describe food in our family.  As Oliver maintained such a restricted diet, the word “friendly” grew to mean so much more than a friendly look or gesture.  As his papa’s diet changed due to his near-fatal heart attack, “friendly” grew to fit his criteria as well. So, to us, a friendly food must be gluten-free, low-carb, no added sugar, and pleasing to the palette!

sliced keto bread


“Gluten-Free” is a simple one to answer!  Our food products have NO gluten proteins in them.  We do not use ingredients containing gluten whatsoever in our recipes.  We are dedicated to obtaining third party testing and producing in a gluten-free facility.  Zero cross contamination!

"Low Carb"

“Low Carb,” by our definition, means a daily intake of 60 net grams or less of carbohydrates.  There are many products claiming “this or that” when it comes to nutrition. Our mission is to offer friendly products to those who eat in a manner in which our products best fit.  It is not to diagnose or change anyone’s diet. The world is full of delicious food choices and we are simply adding a little bit more.

gluten free sandwich

"No Added Sugar"

“No Added Sugar” means we do not increase the sugar content in our recipes to those already found in the raw ingredients.  To clarify, our products are not “sugar-free.” A few of our raw ingredients have natural sugar in them and we do not extract the sugar out of these ingredients.  Our foods do not require any additional sugar to be tasty. We care about keeping sugar content as low as possible in all of our products. Sugars are found in many food products and we carefully examine this as we choose ingredients for our recipes.